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Back from the Academy, - more interesting than I anticipated.

Off to St. Petersburg (Russia) and Calabria at the beginning of October. Meanwhile getting the hang of Zanner.

Presently I am absorbed in re-thinking the notion of 'technology'. An outgrowth of prepping for the Drucker Forum in Vienna in November. Part of this is doing a couple of entries for the Drucker Blog - one recent one on 'What Smart Machines Think of Us' - a 'thought-experiment' but also a poke at Kurzweil. A rather cleaner version appearing in HBR.

 moderately interesting video of Rob Grant and myself talking at the SMS conference in Madrid.

Check out my Google Scholar page, or my ResearchGate page or my Academia.edu page. Finally have my Amazon Author's Page sorted out.

A new resume.

The new lady in my life - Zanner, a 2001 Sabre 36' Hardtop Express Mk II. One previous owner.

Meanwhile Sorcery languishes in Maine. She will shortly be trucked South to Greenport, Long Island, to be more accessible to potential purchasers - some lucky person will get a LOT of boat for not much money!

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