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SMS Madrid turned out to be a very productive experience - but there's something profoundly unfortunate about having only 3 minutes to present something that may have taken years to produce and require one to spend thousands of dollars to get and stay here.

I prepared two presentations - here are the talking points to the knowledge discourse one (available if anyone is interested) - and the full version of the other on the CMFP (current micro-foundations project).

The CUP book is out. Here's a sample

N.B. the short interview on the OUP website is part of a 45 minute version available on YouTube (it takes a while to load). Check out my Google Scholar page, or my ResearchGate page or my Academia.edu page. Finally have my Amazon Author's Page sorted out.

*** BS:MUO&E now available via Kindle - great pricing!! Of course Industry Recipes (my 1989 book) is already available via Kindle

Engineers (aeronautical especially) will appreciate this rather amazing shot.  Reminds me of the dancing bird of paradise.

I have been encouraged to write something about innovation and my view of business models on this site. Of course I'd prefer for readers to look at BS:MUO&E instead. But maybe I should do something on this topic anyway.

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