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Now thinking about my old alma mater.  Will it be in a new country? Apparently not, at least not for a while.  The independence initiative is not about to disappear.

Delightful ACEDE experience in Castellon de la Playa. Now at
 SMS Madrid

The CUP book is out. Here's a sample. Plus Bruce has created us a great web-page with a blog.

N.B. the short interview on the OUP website is part of a 45 minute version available on YouTube (it takes a while to load). Check out my Google Scholar page, or my ResearchGate page or my Academia.edu page. Finally have my Amazon Author's Page sorted out.

*** BS:MUO&E now available via Kindle - great pricing!! Of course Industry Recipes (my 1989 book) is already available via Kindle

A degree ceremony at Glasgow University. Pipe-fitter makes good.

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