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At last! Tidied up the Zanner page on this site - and waved a final goodbye to Sorcery.

J.-C. Spender - writer, teacher, & boat-person

Lee Bontecou's amazing mobile - at MoMA. NB, this NOT a drawing/painting it is a hanging construction. I confess to disliking most of her later and larger stuff. This piece is stunningly delicate, finely wrought, endlessly absorbing - an engineering and artistic marvel. A question, though, how can it ever be moved?

Meanwhile My Cambridge UP list proceeds apace.  Plus a new paper dealing with a Coasian approach to his own questions about firms and why they exist (900+ reads on ResearchGate - weird - not sure what is going on here - perhaps a bot-war?).  It opens up a new way of talking about strategy and much else besides. Too bad it has taken me more than 40 years to articulate what now seems utterly obvious to me.  It also bears on the curious history of management education. 

New Manager-oriented Note on what management researchers are actually doing.