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Back in the USA - and now thinking about the next few months of work. Couple of ideas. But also thinking about the research proposal with Kozminski. Onerous couple of weeks reorganizing much of my computing infrastructure.

The CUP book is out. Here's a sample

N.B. the short interview on the OUP website is part of a 45 minute version available on YouTube (it takes a while to load). Check out my Google Scholar page, or my ResearchGate page or my Academia.edu page. Finally have my Amazon Author's Page sorted out.

*** BS:MUO&E now available via Kindle - great pricing!! Of course Industry Recipes (my 1989 book) is already available via Kindle

Time to sell Sorcery. Grim market, but she is capable of bringing great pleasure at a shockingly modest price. 

Now extensively re-equipped (don't think about the cost - lucky next owner!).
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